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A brief guide for you who are about to expand your content creation.

At SimpleRent, we make it easy for experienced filmmakers and novices alike to get the gear they need. For experienced filmmakers, we offer custom packages that allow you to choose exactly what you need for your project. And for those who are just starting out, we offer pre-configured kits with everything you need for specific purposes, such as interviews or product shoots. Plus, each kit includes content examples so you can see exactly how the final video will look, before you choose what kit to go with.

A few points to consider:

  • Consider the specific needs of your project, camera, lights, audio etc.
  • Think about the type of video you will be producing, quality needs, end format and platforms
  • Consider your budget and allways prioritize audio and lighting higher than you might think
  • Consider the location you plan to shoot at and how it affects your equipment needs
  • Check out our pre-configured kits for inspiration and compare the look you are going for
  • Is it the first time with a model of equipment, then allow yourself some extra time to get to know it
  • Feel free to reach out to our team for advice and recommendations

One of the key features on our site, is the pre-configured kits which are all carefully planned and tested to make sure your production will run smooth as butter! Read more about our kits here.

Thanks for your time and interest!

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