Konova K5 Camera Slider 1.2m

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– Roller Bearing Sliding System

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– 23 kg Load Capacity

– 1,2 m Track Length

– Tension-Adjustable Ball Bearings

– Friction-Adjustable Knob

– 3/8″-16 Tie-Down Screw

– Detachable Legs with Rubber Ball Feet

– Ruler for Precise & Repeatable Moves

– Dual Oil Seals for Cleaning Rails

The 120 cm long Konova K5 Slider supports loads up to 23 kg and features roller bearings that provide smooth, stable, and quiet operation.

Compared to the K2 and K3 sliders, the K5 Slider features larger bearings and larger 8mm chrome-plated rails, contributing to its increased load capacity while maintaining smooth slides. The slider can be supported using a single tripod or a pair of tripods/stands thanks to 1/4″-20 threads located on the underside of the track, positioned along the center and at either end.

Additionally, there are threaded holes on the sides of the slider that enable you to mount it vertically. For ground-level shooting, a pair of height and angle-adjustable legs with rubber ball feet are included that screw into the sides of the slider.



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