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Silent High-end water based hazer with a very low fluid consumption

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Easy to use, high quality water hazer.

Incl. 2 liters of hazer fluid, which will last up to 33 hours of continious hazer @ 40%

Can be operated manually or via DMX.

2 DMX channels for very fine haze or fog-like output.
The Tour Hazer II is controlled by two DMX channels. So it is possible to control the internal fan and the Haze-Output independently. With the help of the fan of the Haze produced can be widely distributed in the venue, and it does not require C02 or anything similar for operation.

Due to the water-based fluid, a clean production of fine Haze is possible. The special fluid of the Tour Hazer allows us to minimize the consumption of the device. So the Tour Hazer II needs only 1 ml/min for 40% performance. A 5ltr. canister Tour Hazer Fog is therefore sufficient for 83 hours, i.e. 3.5 days of continuous Haze. On a lower setting, running times of up to 5 days of continuous Haze can be achieved with a 5 litre canister.


Smoke Factory Tour Hazer ll

Fog Machine

– Ideal for beam effects and moving light shows

– Very high-quality haze machine based on vapor fog generator

– DMX control

– Haze and fan adjustable

– Microprocessor controlled

– Robust Amptown flight case with slots for 5 litre canisters

– Fine designer haze

– Incl. Power Twist TR1 power cable (2.4 m)

– Made in Germany

Technical data:

Power: 1600 W
Weight (without fluid): 15.2 kg
Heating time 60 seconds

Only use original waterbased hazer fluid!



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Weight15 kg


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