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Battery operated High-end smoke machine with 1 sec. heating time

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The Smoke Factory Scotty II is a small handy fog machine, equipped with a 12 V lead gel battery for 400 watts of fog power.
With the help of the battery and the very small evaporator it is possible for the Scotty II to start the fogging process without any fogging time.

The Scotty II can be carried in one hand and released with one finger directly on the handle. So the fog can easily be generated from the wrist and dispensed in the desired direction.

The small 250 ml tank with the special Scotty II Fog is directly attached to the device and delivers fluid for ~25 min fog on full load.
The battery lasts for ~10 min continuous fog or 150 fog shocks of 5 seconds each. With only 2 screws, which can be loosened without tools, the battery can be exchanged within seconds.

The analog 0-10 V input allows the connection of cable or radio remote controls, or e.g. our DMXit! (DMX converter) or Time W.A.R.P. (timer control)

The permanent temperature control on the microprocessors ensures that the evaporation temperature is always correct. This ensures that no harmful substances are produced by too hot evaporation or that the device “spits” unevaporated fluid.

Of course: Made in Germany



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