ApeStick 4 – Tourpack

Flightcase with charging electronic + 10x battery LED stick

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Apestick 4 – Tourpack

– controllable by remote control, in 4 groups

– build in colors/programs and sound-to-light

The ApeStick 4 is an all-purpose battery LED lamp in the shape of a tube. It is equipped with a fixed battery with a run-time of at least 8 hours. Controlled is the ApeStick4 by the ape labs 2.4GHz Remote Control, which can be used for all ape labs products, too. Of course professional users can control the stick via “wireless DMX” with the ape labs W-APE wireless DMX transceiver. (not included) nMoreover, the lamp has a sound-to-light mode. It is controlled by the internal microphone, which adapts automatically to each volume. nThe ApeStick 4 has two individually adjustable magnets with extremely high holding force. So the tube can be attached in next to no time to metallic objects. Furthermore there are stainless steel sheets in the set included, which allow the mounting on non-magnetic objects.

Kit includes:

    • 10x ApeStick 4


    • 2x ape labs remote control (2.4 GHz)


    • 1x Flightcase incl. power supply


    • Rechargeable batteries are already built in (NiMH)



    • ApeStick 4: length=62cm / 24.4in; diameter=2,6cm / 1.0in; 0,5kg


    • Stainless steel mounting sheets: 5.0 x 2.8cm / 2.0×1.1in


    • Tourpack: 29 x 25 x 70 cm; 12,5 Kg (Weight incl. 10x ApeStick 4)


    • Electrical facts: 100-240 V / 50/60 Hz


Additional information

Weight12,8 kg


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