Zacuto Z- Drive Manual Follow Focus

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– Follow Focus for Shoulder-Mounted Rigs

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– 60° Curved Design

– Single 15mm Rod Port

– 0.8 Pitch, 1.75″ Diameter Gear

– Standard Accessory Port for Whips/Cranks

– No Internal Gears for Zero Play

The Z-Drive is adjustable for use with a variety of lens sizes, and can be operated on either side of your rig, facing either towards the lens, or backward toward the operator for use with a standard focus whip when on a tripod or dolly. It slides onto a single 15mm rod and tightens into place with a quick-release ratcheting leveler. It can also be adjusted towards and away from your lens via a red thumb screw, for use with a variety of lens diameters.





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