Dulens APO Mini Prime Kit

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Kit consists of:

APO Mini Prime 31mm T2.4

APO Mini Prime 43mm T2.2

APO Mini Prime 58mm T2.2

APO Mini Prime 85mm T2.2

EF Mount – PL mount available if required.

All of the Dulens mini primes have a very generous image circle covering about any Large format camera including Red Monstro and Arri LF. The 58 and 85mm will even cover the ARRI Alexa 65.

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The Dulens APO mini primes are aimed at cinematographers who are both looking for the hard sought after vintage low contrast look with pronounced flares but who dismiss the uncorrected look of vintage primes resulting in chromatic aberrations. The Dulens APO mini primes feature a cinema housing, with non extending or rotating front and a long smooth focus throw with zero backlash making them ideal for usage on higher end productions. The Dulens mini primes are the smallest large format cine primes and are ideal for small scale productions and for those who work with drones, gimbals and other applications where a small scale and lightweight camera build is paramount.



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