Dulens APO mini prime 43 mm

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– 43mm focal length

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– T2.1

– 10 elements in 8 group

– Vintage low contrast look

The aim of Dulens is to make a cine lens set for cinematographers who are looking for both the hard sought after vintage low contrast look with pronounced flares but who dismiss the uncorrected look of vintage primes resulting in chromatic aberrations. Apo refers to apochromatic which is achieved with aspherical elements correcting aberrations.

The lenses have a modern helicoid with good backlash correcting making them very accurate when pulling focus.

The lenses come with an apochromatic design and a general appearance that reminds of old vintage lenses through their pure spherical optical design and other classic design elemens such as retrofocus and other associated construction aspects. 

Interchangeable lens mount to PL if required


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