Kinefinity Mavo LF 6K Kit

MAVO LF, large-frame cine camera, 6k 75fps with 5120/800 Dual Native ISO brings stunning details, organic image and exceptional image quality.

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MAVO LF is equipped with a full-frame CMOS image sensor, effective area as 36x24mm, resolution is more than 6K: 6016×4016. Compared to the S35 format sensor, the large format CMOS sensor is 2.25 times larger, the exposure area is bigger, the single pixel pitch is larger, the SNR is better, then the picture is cleaner. In addition, large format offers a wider perspective, shallower depth of field and more immersive presence. You can use not only cinema lenses designed for large format like MAVO Prime, CP3, Cooke S7i, Arri Signature Prime and Zeiss Signature Prime, but also a large number of existing full-frame still camera lenses.

Included with this kit:

1 x Kinefinity MAVO LF Camera body

1 x Kinefinity Sidegrip

1 x Kinefinity PSU 19V

2 x Kinefinity KineBat  / 120 Wh Vlock battery

1 x Kinefinity KineBat dual Vlock charger

2 x Kinefinity GripBat / battery that fits in the KineGrip for a light weight setup 

1 x Kinefinity GripBat battery charger

1 x Kinefinity E-Mount adapter

1 x Kinefinity EF mount adapter

1 x Kinefinity e-ND EF mount adapter

3 x Kinefinity KineMag 500GB SSD

1 x SSD reader

1 x KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright 5″ Monitor

1 x KineKIT Shoulder Pack

1 x KineBACK-W (I/O module)

1 x Kinefinity Movcam Top Handgrip

2 x Movcam AntiSkid Handgrip







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