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That’s right, SimpleRent has their own podcast! We have recently jumped into the vast and exciting world of podcasting, and it’s called ‘Hjaelp! Vi Skal Lave en Podcast’

The podcast will be an episodic journey of us improving and creating a well oiled podcasting machine. Simply put – we’re making a podcast about how to make a podcast!! Still with us? The purpose of this podcast is show that any creative endeavour is not without its challenges, but that shouldn’t put you off. Get out there and get podcasting. If we can do it, so can you!

Below is the link to our YouTube channel where you can watch our newest podcast. Whilst the main language will be in Danish (we are based in Copenhagen, Denmark) guests would mean that we will occasionally jump back and forth between languages so everyone can listen.

In an age where content is king, and having to make sure you stand out online – we tried to think of another way we could deliver some great content.

It is is a no brainer that when you have cameras, lenses and lights at your disposal, that you make sure to promote them by doing lots of shoots showcasing what these tools are capable of. But we do also have bundles of sound equipment including our Røde Podcaster, as well as Podmic’s and arms!! So what better way to promote this equipment, then use it!!

In this first episode we literally press record on the Podcaster and started talking, and it’s a bit of a bumpy ride to say the least. But not to fear, each episode will cover an aspect of making and producing a podcast, looking at how to deliver the best content in your podcast as possible. We’ve already got Episode #2 on the way with many more fun and informative tips and discussions to come.

Feel free to comment on the video or get in touch at with suggestions or comments on the show.

Thanks for your time and interest!

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